List of recommended items for observing Purushottama Month

Wake up before sunrise and attend Mangal Artik
Perform Tulsi Puja & Parikrama
Chant Japa
Chant Extra Rounds
Take Ganga Bath
Offer Flowers to Lord Krsna
Offering Tulasi/ Manjaris
Participate in Sandhya / other Artiks
Offering Lamp
Attend Srimad Bhagavatam Class
Read about Krishna (BG./ others)
Participate in Preaching Programs
Offering 1-16 Items of Worship (Upacaras)
Attend / Organize Home Programs
Participate in Harinams
Distribute Books
Perform Vaisnava Seva
Perform Temple Seva
Attend / Organize Bhajans /Sangas