Ministry Team


H.H. Jayapataka Swami




Kaunteya Das



General Manager

Seva Svarupa Das

Originally from Argentina, joined ISKCON in 1983. Disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami. Served as book distributor and later on as Temple President in ISKCON Ecuador in the early 90s. Since 2005 serves as the General Manager in ISKCON’s Congregational Development Ministry in its central office in Sri Dhama Mayapur. His current role involves coordinating congregational endeavors and reporting the achievements of preachers around the world in ISKCON.

Outreach Coordinator

Iksvaku Das (

Originally from Ecuador, South America; a disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami; currently serving in Mayapur as the Outreach Coordinator for ISKCON’s Congregational Ministry. Joined ISKCON-Ecuador in 1983 and assisted in establishing temples there until he moved to Mayapur in 87’. For several years he served in different temples in Asia (India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). Iksvaku dasa has served in different capacities in our society (teacher, temple president, missionary preacher, editor, etc.).

Recently moved to Mayapur after serving over a decade in Perth, Australia where he helped developing educational programs for the congregation and training new devotees. He holds a Social Work degree, majoring in Counseling and Community Development and has many years of experience as a professional counselor in Australia.



Damodara Dhananjaya Das



Manjulali Manjari Sevini Devi Dasi

Originally from Mayapur; disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami; currently serving in Mayapur as the Accountant for ISKCON’s Congregational Ministry. Lived in Mayapur her entire life, she studied in the Sri Mayapur International School. Upon graduating from there, she joined the Ministry in 2011. When not immersed in numbers, bills and a calculator, she hops from desk to desk assisting fellow employees to perform their service with minimum difficulty.



Gourangi Gandharvika Devi Dasi

Moved to Mayapur when she was 7 years old; disciple of H.H. Jayapataka Swami; currently serves in the Congregational Ministry as a fundraiser correspondent. She completed her high school in the Sri Mayapur International school along with a Bhakti Shastri diploma. She likes to perform dramas and participate in youth programs and kirtans with the youth here in Mayapur.



Ananga Gopi Devi Dasi

Originally from South Africa; disciple of H.H Partha Sarathi Das Goswami; currently doing research and editing work for the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry. Moved to Mayapur about 5 years ago and studied, completing her high school in 2014, in the Sri Mayapur International School, and later that year joined the Ministry.


Senior Bhakti-vriksha Coach

Vijaya Venugopala Das



Senior Bhakti-vriksha Coach

Prema Padmini Devi Dasi



Bhakti-vriksha Coach and Regional Coordinator for Hispano-American countries and Spain and Brasil

Manohara Shyama Das



Bhakti-vriksha Coach

Premavati Chitra Devi Dasi



Bhakti-vriksha Coaches

Advaitachandra Das

Kalasuddha Devi Dasi



Bhakti-vriksha Coach and Special projects Coordinator

Caitanya Avatari Das


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Sita Thakurani Dasi

Originally from Colombia, South America; moved to Sri Dham Mayapur in 2005. Aspiring for H.H Jayapataka Swami and currently serving and doing research work for the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry. She studied in the Sri Mayapur International School and then went to Mayapur Academy and graduated in the Deity Worship course. She is also currently learning Odissi.


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Chandravadana Gaurahari das

Originally from United States of America, Alachua. He was born in a devotee family, and currently resides in Mayapur since 2004. He recently finished his training at  the Bhaktivedanta Academy- Gurukula- from 2007 till 2015. A disciple of His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaja, who is the latest one to join the Congregational Development Ministry.