We offer consultancy, education and networking to assist the International Society for Krishna Consciousness to develop and expand its communities in accord with the following principles:

  • A deeply caring attitude for all members, according to their stage in life and their different levels of needs.
  • Promoting the engagement of all devotees in outreach and their empowering in taking responsibility in the mission.
  • Organizing all practitioners in small groups for intimate exchanges and the building of friendly relation; regular supervision and support.
  • Temples as tirthas for inspiration and exemplary behavior; enthusing large gatherings and festivals.
  • Ongoing systematic training and education.

To facilitate these objectives:

  • We design and present courses.
  • We produce, translate and circulate books, articles, supporting materials & audiovisuals.
  • We assist in organizing festivals & conventions.
  • We remain updated on innovations and trends from both inside and outside ISKCON.
  • We support the Ministry‚Äôs specialized divisions: ISKCON Prison Ministries and the Armed Forces Outreach Ministries.