Service To The Vaishnavas – The Highest Religious Principle

Vaisnavism has been manifested in its purest and most wonderful form through the love and teachings of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates. The most beautiful aspect of Lord Caitanya’s pastimes is the loving interaction between Him and His devotees, and among the devotees themselves. Although He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Caitanya played the role of the devotee just to teach us how to conduct our lives as devotees. In Navadvipa sometimes Lord Caitanya would bow down to His devotees and take the dust from their lotus feet. Sometimes He would wash their clothes with His own hands.

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Starting the Counselor System

At the beginning of this counselor project, nobody took it seriously. Because everyone was more concerned with what has to be done today. But today doesn’t last forever, that’s the problem. We have to think of the future of our movement. We started with three senior grihasthas. We asked them to take responsibility to guide and train those who would like to learn from them, and we personally tried to give them some training. Then we made this system available to our congregation. Not so many, but some signed up and the counselors started by having meetings every two weeks, while also trying to care for the devotees on a personal level, throughout the week.

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Harmony among the Ashrams

Srila Prabhupada explains, on the basis of Vedic knowledge, that the varnasrama system represents the body of society. The body has different parts and each has to serve the whole. Conflict between one part and another creates a diseased body. The head serves the body by giving direction; the arms provide protection; the stomach does the service of nourishing every limb of the body; the legs serve the essential purpose of carrying the rest of the body. Thus all the parts of the body work in perfect harmony.

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