The Damodara Program

Easy. Effective. Enjoyable.

A 30 days task.

Minimal effort, Maximum benefit.

“I saw with my own eyes how in 30 days the Malaysian devotees reached 100,000 people.” –H.H. Bhanu Swami

What is it?

In as many homes as possible, devotees visit to perform the worship of Lord Damodara during the month of Kartika.

The Program Involves:

  1. Offerings of lamps
  2. Chanting of Krishna’s names
  3. Reciting the Damodara pastime

Its History

About 12 years ago, the Malaysian devotees started with a few households, now they reach nearly 4,000 homes as well as schools, universities, yoga centres, etc. There are over 100,000 people taking part in these programs.


At their own home we spend quality time with them, their friends and even neighbors, creating a lasting relationship.


First Impressions Last Forever

First-timers will remember the sweet experience of offering a lamp to Lord Damodara in the company of devotees. The benefit of that simple act is everlasting and it could be their first giant step towards devotional life.


  1. Minimum investment; maximum outcome
  2. A 30- day focus with positive developments throughout the year
  3. It can be done without complex planning
  4. It can be started by a few devotees only
  5. It’s suitable for the entire family- children are also fond of it
  6. It can engage the congregation in active outreach and networking
  7. It facilitates everyone’s participation- new people, devotees, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc.
  8. It can be the first close contact with Krishna consciousness for many and the first missionary activity for new devotees

It’s easy; it’s fun

It’s proven- it works!